Coaching Credentials


Our goal is to have all of our coaches accredited through Cricket Australia.  Accreditation gives our coaches education and insight into the latest coaching methods, as well as access to hundreds of drills and game based activities through the CA database.

This year, all level 1 Community Coach courses are free, so if you are interested in becoming an accredited coach please email

For more information about Cricket Coaches Australia Accreditation go to Coaching Accreditation


The following Bulimba Cricket Club Coaches have achieved Coaching Accreditation:


 Level 2 Representative Coach Justin Harper
 Level 1 Community Level
 James Anderson 
 Sean Cogman
   Brent Pullar
   Lucas Bottomley
   Darren Scotney
   Drew Heath
   Steven Hona
   Dan Piggott
   Glen Rudman
   Jamie Thomas
  Nat McClure
   Gen Piggott
   Luke Shelton
   Mukesh Panchal
   Mark McKenzie
   Shaun Dallas
   Stephen Brennan
   Tony Eccleston
   Tom Hillier
   Chris Schroor
   Damian Roper
   James Thomson


 Justin Harper
 Level 1.5James Anderson 


  Jamie Thompson
 Jamie Thompson
 Jamie Thompson