Frequently Asked Questions


How do I register to play?


All registrations are via the website. 


In the top right corner there is a search field “Where can I play”, type Bulimba and hit enter.  It will bring up the details of the Bulimba Cricket Club and the competitions available.


You will need to select whether you are playing a half season or a full season.  The half season option is for kids who are playing in a school competition in term 1.


What is the difference between a half season and a full season?


A half season is one term, a full season is both term 4 and term 1.

What is a MyCricket ID?

If you have played cricket before you will have a MyCricket ID.  This may have been emailed to you by the club.  Previously registered players need to login through the Existing Participants panel with your MyCricket ID.


What if I am new to cricket?

If you have not played cricket before and do not have a MyCricket ID you will need to login through the New Participants section.


What if I can’t remember my MyCricket ID?

If you are not sure of your existing MyCricketID, you can look for it by entering your name in MyCricket's Player Search.


What if I can’t remember my password?

If you know your MyCricket ID but you are not sure of your MyCricket password, you can reset it at the Password Reset page


How do I pay the registration fees?


All fees are to be paid online through the Cricket Australia website at the time of registration. 

The Bulimba Cricket Club has a strict policy of No Pay, No Play – Players will not be covered for insurance purposes if they have not paid.


Am I able to pay in instalments?

For families who may have difficulty meeting the fee payment, please contact the Club Registrar.


What do my registration fees pay for?

Registration fees cover insurance for games and training, field hire, all equipment and game balls.  All players will also receive a club training shirt


New players to the club will receive a "baggy blue" Bulimba cricket cap that can be worn at games and training.


What other equipment do I need to play?

  • Bulimba Cricket Club playing shirt, ordered at the same time as registration for $45.
  • White cricket pants, 
  • White broad brimmed cricket hat 
  • Protective box (for boys and girls)

Cricket pants, hats and a protective box can be purchased at most sports stores.



How do I order a Bulimba Cricket Club playing shirt?

 You can order a shirt a playing shirt when you register. You should then pay online, and the shirts will then be collected before the start of the season.


Do I need to buy a new shirt if the shirt from last year still fits?

No – if your shirt from last year still fits it will be OK.  But all players must wear a Bulimba Cricket Club playing shirt to games.


How do I know what age group my child should be playing in?


The cut-off date used to determine age group eligibility is the age your child is at 31st August. 

  • If you are 8 or under on 31stAugust then you can play under 9’s
  • If you are 9 or under on the 31st August then you can play Under 10's
  • If you are 10 or under on the 31st August then you can play Under 11's
  • If you are 11 or under on the 31st August then you can play Under 12's
  • BEARS is for players aged 12 to 17 as at 31st August    

Our club policy is that a child can only play up one age level unless they have received approval from the Director of Coaching.


How do I get my child in a team with their friends?

When you register you will be asked to nominate another child that your child may like to play with. This is designed to help allocate players into teams. If you have already organised a team, email the team list with the proposed coach and manager to the Club Registrar.


When do I find out what team my child is in?

Our registrations team will contact families as teams are put together. We make all efforts to have our teams finalised before training commences for that season.


What time do games start?

Games are played on a Saturday morning starting at 8am. 


Due to the growth in junior cricket, the EDJCA is likely to schedule games on a Saturday afternoon for some age groups. That will not be every week, but all teams will be expected to play one or two afternoon games in those age groups.


What time do games finish?

  • Under 9 games should finish by 10:30am
  • Under 10 games should finish by 11am
  • Under 11 games should finish by 11am
  • Under 12 games should finish by 12pm
  • BEARs games should finish by 12pm 


Where is training held?


At the Bulimba Cricket Club nets and fields, 400 Lytton Rd, Morningside (next to Colmslie Pool).  Regular attendance at training is expected of ALL players. 


When does training start?

Training commences generally in early September, the team coach will advise their players when and on what day training commences. 


What time/day is training?

Training times may vary based on availability of coaches and facilities. However, all Under 9 teams train on Thursday 4.00 - 5.30pm 


It’s raining (or it’s about to rain) – Is the game/training still on?


Always assume that games and training are ON unless otherwise advised.

All weather updates for training and games will be made via Facebook and Twitter – please ‘like’ Bulimba Cricket Club on Facebook and follow us on twitter to stay up to date with the club.  Your coach/manager may email you directly, so please make sure your contact details are up to date.


How can I help?

The Bulimba Cricket Club is run and managed by volunteers, and the involvement of its volunteers is a key part to the success of the club. Getting more than 300 kids onto the field each week involves many different tasks, and so there are always areas that you can help. Email the club president - or the club secretary - if you would like to be involved in this great club!


I would like to Coach/Manage my child’s team, what do I need to do?

Being involved in your child’s team, as coach or manager, is immensely rewarding.  

We give our coaches a lot of support. We constantly strive to help our coaches build a culture in which our players will learn and improve. The club will help you to become an accredited coach with Cricket Australia, giving access to a large number of coaching videos and other materials.  We run coach the coach sessions through the season.  Every coach and manager receives a club shirt and cap.


Coaches are responsible for training and game day preparation, and play a critical role in the enjoyment and success of our players. Kids love it when their parents take an active role in their sport so please consider taking on one of these vital roles in your team.


We strongly recommend that coaches and managers are Blue Card accredited, of which is no cost to the coach/manager or the club.



How do I find out more?

Our website has information specific to each age group, including competition rules, draw information and club policies.